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“yayoi” skincare series now offers cleansing milk and lotion

Contains Bakuchiol and Japanese plant-based ingredients. Basic skincare relying on the power of plants. “yayoi” skincare series now offers cleansing milk and lotion The brand “yayoi”, born from a fusion of delicate Japanese sensibilities and refined French sensibilities, will introduce cleansing milk and lotion this fall.As with previous yayoi items, carefully selected plant-based ingredients play the leading role. While providing anti-aging care, the product takes care of the skin, moisturizes it, and restores it to its initial condition. Your skin will continue to improve in beauty as long as you take care of it. yayoi Cleansing Milk 150ml 6,600 yen (tax included) This is a cleansing product that pursues “soft” removal.Even though this cleansing product is designed to remove impurities, it also moisturizes the skin and leaves it velvety smooth thanks to the rich blend of plant-based ingredients . It feels as if it has been treated with a “giving care” treatment.It is suitable for dry or irritated skin as it does not remove an excessive amount of oil from the skin.It can be used either as a wipe-off or a rinse-off. Main ingredients: Rice fermentation extract from the brewing technology of Shonai Bijin, a pure rice sake.It is rich […]