2024/6/25 news

Natural beauty brand “yayoi” starts total treatment at Rakusuisan Spa and Aya Spa in Niseko, Hokkaido

2024/5/22 news

“yayoi” luxury spa retail products are available in Centara Grand Holtel Osaka

2024/4/16 news

“yayoi” luxury spa retail products made their debut in Vietnam. Sales started at the store in Hotel Nikko Saigon

2023/10/1 news

yayoi’s new multi-purpose oil, yayoi Green Forest, was featured in “Kaoru Saito Selection” in the November 2023 issue of éclat(published by Shueisha), a magazine for ageless and radient women.

2023/9/18 news

yayoi’s new body massage oils “yuzu & honey” and “green forest,” which have been well received in 5-star hotel spas, will finally be available for home use on September 18!

2023/9/16 news

All yayoi products are now available on Shueisha’s popular cosmetics shopping site “HAPPY plus BEAUTY”!

2023/7/30 press release

In the September issue of GINGER, a monthly women’s fashion magazine, yayoi’s iconic Yuzu and Honey solid perfume won the Beauty Awards in the fragrance category.

2023/6/16 press release

From the fusion of Japanese and French sensibilities of the “yayoi” body care series. A new multi-use body oil.

2023/5/31 press release

The yayoi retail range of spa products is now available at Conrad Tokyo “Mizuki Spa & Fitness”.

2023/3/3 press release

Lavoie’s new brand “yayoi” made its debut at Paris Fashion Week in France on March 3rd 2023!

2023/1/30 press release

Based in Japan, The scent of France.
Lavoie’s new brand ‘yayoi’ made its first appearance at the Paris Collection in it’s second home, France.

2022/8/30 press release

「yayoi」, a Japanese beauty brand for luxury hotels, is launching a new 1-liter refillable skincare series this fall.

2022/06/10 press release

“yayoi” skincare series now offers cleansing milk and lotion

2022/06/10 press release

The products contain bakuchiol and Japanese botanicals. Cleansing Milk and Lotion are newly launched in the yayoi skincare line, a basic skincare line that harnesses the power of plants.

2022/03/07 press release

The potential of the skin will blossom with the power of plants – yayoi skincare series will launch a new cream in the spring of 2022.

2020/06/30 press release

Pursuing a brand-new Japonism – Releasing Japanese luxury beauty product series “yayoi”