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In the September issue of GINGER, a monthly women’s fashion magazine, yayoi’s iconic Yuzu and Honey solid perfume won the Beauty Awards in the fragrance category.


From the fusion of Japanese and French sensibilities of the “yayoi” body care series. A new multi-use body oil.


The yayoi retail range of spa products is now available at Conrad Tokyo “Mizuki Spa & Fitness”.


Based in Japan, perfumed in France.
Lavoie’s new brand ‘yayoi’ made its first appearance at the Paris Collection in its second home, France.


「yayoi」, a Japanese beauty brand for luxury hotels, is launching a new 1-liter refillable skincare series this fall.


“yayoi” skincare series now offers cleansing milk and lotion


The products contain bakuchiol and Japanese botanicals. Cleansing Milk and Lotion are newly launched in the yayoi skincare line, a basic skincare line that harnesses the power of plants.


The potential of the skin will blossom with the power of plants – yayoi skincare series will launch a new cream in the spring of 2022.


Pursuing a brand-new Japonism – Releasing Japanese luxury beauty product series “yayoi”