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Natural beauty brand “yayoi” starts total treatment at Rakusuisan Spa and Aya Spa in Niseko, Hokkaido

June 25, 2024

yayoi‘s total facial and body treatments have been launched at the Rakusuisan Spa and the AYA Spa at Hotel AYA Niseko, both located in Niseko, Hokkaido. The charismatic trainer from a 5-star hotel has created an exquisite Japanese treatment based on the theme of the circulation of “Ki, Blood, and Water” and debuted it at the Niseko Spa, surrounded by the natural beauty of Hokkaido. The products are based on Japanese ingredients such as green tea, sake lees, and astragalus, with the addition of such popular natural ingredients as bakuchiol, tamanu oil, centella asiatica extract, and acerola. Not only Japanese guests, but also guests from overseas can experience Japanese bliss.

<Rakusuisan> Located overlooking Mt. Yotei and Annupuri in Niseko. Enjoy the great outdoors while relaxing with yayoi treatment.

<AYA SPA > Spa in Niseko Hotel AYA. Relax with a treatment after enjoying outdoor sports.

About “yayoi”

We have carefully selected natural ingredients that have been popular in Japan for a long time, such as shiso, yuzu, green tea, sesame, black beans and rice bran. We sought to create a product that is delicate and comfortable to use, with the body and hair benefits that only a Japanese born product can provide. On the one hand, the fragrance is created by a renowned French perfumer. With a selection of two fragrances, not only Japanese, but peoples of the whole world can feel their heart strings touched.

The “y” in the logo stands for the collar of a kimono, which represents the image of a new generation of Japanese women who are graceful yet dignified, standing on their own accord. Also, “yayoi” is a word that reminds us of the “Yayoi era” that arose through active overseas exchange. The name of the brand reflects the idea that we will continue to propose high-quality “Japonism”.

Under the supervision of a charismatic trainer from a 5-star hotel spa, we have carefully selected and blended excellent natural ingredients based on Japanese ingredients under the theme of “FLOW”. We also offer home-use products that provide the feeling of a hotel spa at home.


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